Psychology Support & Art Therapy in Singapore

Anima Resources team provides services using psychotherapy, coaching and TCM for a variety of mood disorders and challenges that many people will face from time to time in their lives. If you or your family members are impacted by any of the following please get in touch with us.  

Expatriation Issues

When moving from your home-country to Asia, cross-cultural adjustment is a personal as well as a family concern. How a member of the family adapts to his/her new life also impacts how the rest of the family adjusts. 


In some cases, cultural shock can lead to isolation, identity issues and anxiety issues. Our abilities to communicate and even to think are limited or complicated by a new langage, new codes, new values and even the physical stress to adapt to a new climate. We may love it, we may also hate it.


Expatriation is often seen as a solution to difficulties experienced here and then : frustrations at work, unemployment, couple crisis. If going away is an answer and a protection when the environment is harmful, it can never be a solution in itself. 

But it may become a wonderful opportunity to question our decisions, our commitments, our needs, our desires. 

Anxiety Issues

We are living in a huge particle accelerator, our work and social environment. We are more than ever connected to the world, bombed with information from social media, text messages, emails all keeping us connected to the world, to our friends and families. And yet we are losing the ability to be in relation, in the 

here-and-now. If these connections could be materialized with pipes, we would look like astronauts lost in space, or survivors in the intensive care unit of some hospital.


Surrounded by pipes, we usually walk with the head in the clouds. This is a wonderful ability : ability to dream, to imagine, to fantasize, to create. But it might also be exhausting when the clouds are full of goals, actions-to-do, planning, achievements, terms, commitments, performance. By the way, what was I talking about? Anxiety!

Identity Issues

I want to feel at peace

- I want to get back to who I was… I lost myself on the way

- I don’t want to be afraid anymore

- I want to understand

- I want a safe place to unload all that I’m feeling, thinking

- I want you to tell me I’m not crazy

- I’m relying too much on others and I often feel hurt

- I never feel satisfied and it’s exhausting

- I don’t know what I really want


It is the next phase, after the anxiety : you surrender, you give up. It’s not a choice, it’s not a weakness. Giving up the fight is sometimes an intelligent solution. 


Depression is a result of a long-time neglect : when emotions are not listened to, when needs are smothered under false gratifications such as addictions.

Psychosomatic Disorders

Ask to your ostheopath what tensions are written in your neck, this fragile bridge between mind and body. Wilhem Reich, father of the Bio-Energy, used to describe “adults walking as cars with brakes on”, the result is a head walking faster than our body.

Our emotions and affects are written in our body : chronic headaches, backaches, digestive system issues.


Emotions, mostly when suppressed, have a direct impact on respiratory and postural habits, and may, on the long term induce internal physical dysfunctions. Treatment of somatic issues begins with giving a knowledge about emotions : bring emotions to consciousness, identify how we usually cope with our stress

and emotions.

We provide services for adults, children and families